Fresno County Bar Association

About Us

The Fresno County Bar Association was incorporated by twelve Fresno attorneys on June 19, 1882.

Members of the Fresno County Bar Association have been actively involved in the community from the very beginning. In fact, in 1888 the County of Fresno, as a tribute to local attorneys and judges, named the county seats main north/south artery "Blackstone Avenue " after the famous 19th century English jurist.

Despite tremendous changes in the practice of law and a dramatic increase in membership, members of the Fresno County Bar Association continue to observe these objectives and to expand upon them. The great diversity of programs, services and information available through our bar association serve the needs of the members, the judiciary and the community. Your membership and participation insure that your bar association continues to be responsive to these needs.

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

To Foster the System of Justice; to Support and Bring Together Lawyers Who Serve It; and to Assist the Community It Serves

Upcoming Events

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Saturday, 13 Jan 2024 08:30 – 13:00

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