Fresno County Bar Association

Personal Benefits

Alcohol And Drug Abuse Committee

Members of this committee meet twice a month. Any attorney referred to the committee is provided confidential assistance. This assistance includes information about and referral to treatment facilities, local support groups and State Bar consultation, as well as emotional support and understanding.

Credit Union Membership

Members of the Fresno County Bar Association are eligible to join the State Center Credit Union. This membership is also available to families of Association members. Contact the Bar Association office if you wish further information.

Insurance Committee

The objectives of this committee are to locate low cost group insurance, to provide the members of the association with affordable professional liability and health care programs and to oversee the general insurance needs of the Association itself.

Membership Committee

The Fresno County Bar Association Membership Committee provides the energy and impetus for the generation of new members for the Association. The committee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining a current membership list including all local attorneys on paid active status. The Membership Committee also is active in handling questions from the members concerning services available to them from the Association and in soliciting members comments on new areas of interest within the legal community so that new programs or changes in existing programs can be implemented to best serve member attorneys.

Social Events

There are two evening social events each year. The first is the Annual Judicial Appreciation Night, usually held as an informal Social Event in early to mid-September, honoring the judges of Fresno County. This event is limited to active and honorary members only. The second is the Annual Banquet and Installation of Officers held in January and featuring the great orators of the Bar. Admittance to this function is limited to active and honorary members and spouses. We also have the Annual Family Picnic which is usually held in mid to late May and is open to the legal community, to include members; staff} family and friends.

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