Fresno County Bar Association

Court Liaison and Rules Committee

This committee and its respective subcommittees meet as necessary with the representatives of the courts to discuss and attempt to resolve issues facing the courts and the attorneys in their respective relationships. This committee supports the courts in their relationships with the media and with other interested bodies whenever requested and whenever possible. When matters of concern are expressed by the bench or bar regarding a particular attorney or a particular judge, those matters are discussed and resolved. This committee also works in the areas of voluntary pro bono service, arbitration, and in obtaining pro tempore judges for the courts.

The committee meets on a regular basis and confers with the jurists of the respective courts to discuss compliance with local rules, and to conduct an ongoing study for modifications of existing local rules to meet changing needs and times.

The subcommittees of this Committee each have separate chairpersons and are (l) the Federal District Court Liaison and Rules Subcommittee, (2) the Fifth District Court of Appeal Liaison Committee, (3) the Superior Court Liaison and Rules Subcommittee.

Each chairperson is charged with responsibility of meeting with the presiding justice or judges of the respective courts on an as needed basis.

Members of the Fresno County Bar Association are invited to raise issues, make suggestions, and provide input to the committee chairpersons regarding matters to be brought to the attention of the courts.

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